A Highly Skilled Attorney For Probate Matters

Have you been named as executor of a will and now feel overwhelmed and confused by this responsibility?

At the Law Offices of Daniel J. MacNeil, PLLC, I am an experienced and skilled lawyer offering representation in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. I can help guide you through the process and explain Texas probate courts in an honest, straightforward way that is easy to understand. As your attorney, I always put my client's needs at the forefront, meaning I will resolve probate matters as quickly and efficiently as possible. My representation can help protect the assets of the estate and minimize estate taxes.

Experienced In Probate And Estate Administration

Whether it is a will contest or trust administration, I can help you understand the legal rights involved with estate planning needs. Do you believe someone had undue influence on a loved one when they made certain decisions in his or her will? Did your relative have the mental capacity to make those decisions at the time, or were they suffering from Alzheimer's disease or dementia?

Are you trying to determine how assets and property will be distributed under the law? I have the answers to your questions.

A Strong, Skilled Litigator In San Antonio

The Law Offices of Daniel J. MacNeil is a skilled negotiator for estate disputes and probate litigation. As your lawyer, you can know that I can handle both negotiation and litigation.

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