Combine and Pro Day

We are now officially into the NFL combine and pro day season. Many of you are aware of the combine but do not know of pro days. Pro days are nothing more than mini combines conducted at campuses across the country. They are attended by the teams area scouts, or if a school with a big time player there will be coaches and other higher ups attending.

One of the biggest issues that a small school player will have is that their particular school does not have a pro day. That leaves the player and agent trying to find somewhere for the player to perform their pro day. In the last several years this has not been that big of an issue as we had the Regional Combines, but for whatever reason the NFL decided to end these. Now players with no pro day are left scrambling. Many big time programs absolutely will not let other schools players to come and perform. Others schools such as Northwestern are kind enough to let other smaller schools from the Chicago area to send their legitimate pro prospects.

Make no mistake the pro day is crucial and if you do not have one then your chances of being a small school kid getting into the league almost becomes impossible. Performing well at pro day could be the difference of getting into a NFL camp or destined to be playing arena ball for your full career.